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Srikanth Prabhu
5 min readMar 17, 2019


(some pun to start off with)

“Socialism at home and capitalism at work”

-Anand Piramal, The Piramal Group.

The whole concept of efficiency at work force can largely be seen by one community in India, the marwadi group. The above Piramal group, is a subset of that.

The success of this community, at business is mainly due to the socialistic trade that happens a.k.a child marriage or pre-destined marriage. The basic assumption is the folklore having women population should serve as the supporting wheel to the husband, who largely run one of the retail businesses under the FMCG sector. Mind you, they, very rarely marry outside the folklore. If they do, the already setup structure of running the business would be distorted.

They have babies quick. Train the next generation to get accustomed to the retail trade, quick early in age. What are they doing it right? The time. Yes, they are not lost and waywardly looking for something (passion) and end up losing time.

And all of the family members stay together. A concept called ‘joint family’.

The Indian society at large is going through a change today. A change happens, when there is a reflection of that change in the majority of the population. And the Indian majority, is the ‘middle class’. Upper middle. Middle middle class. Lower middle class. Majority strikes a cord to the Hindu population as well.

The majority is delaying marriage, In the name of

Growing professionally..

We have time to make the next generation…

Let me get the best mate…

Someone in higher trade….

yada yada yada yada…….

But does the majority realize the biological clock is ticketing for the women populace of Indian Middle class and the constant thriving of Indian men to reach a higher trade, henceforth delaying marriage.

I am not of the opinion that every couple should have babies.

‘I have utmost regard for women, in spite of being healthy, capable to produce kids, decide not to”

- Sadguru, Isha Foundation

These words of sadguru is mainly on the lines, concerning the population of India. I understand, But, as of today, population in India is not the major concern. The fertility rate of women is 2.33/ women. This number is acceptable.

I would rope in the economy of the country and its growth at a brisk pace of 7–8%, which has changed the mindset of the Indian middle class to be more aspiring and more wanting of a higher trade/higher wage.

While most of the higher economies of the world are growing at a mere 2–3%, like US and UK. And some of the Western Europe countries have had a stagnation point in their growth, like Belgium.

China, which is coming out as the major economic power, grew at 8–9% for close to two decades and today, China and US are having a trade war. Not to forget, US owes a big chunk of money to China.

What does the talk on all this world economy lead to? Why I talking about it! — This change in the economy of India (or world) has indirectly seeped in to the change in the approach and mindset on the subjects of the country. a.k.a citizens. The tax paying citizens would want to know more, earn more and gain riches more.

The change is subservient and the drivers of this change is the majority always, in any society. And the majority of India is the middle class. Today is the time, where India is growing high on trade and salaries with spots of inequality here and there. This can be seen in our classrooms, tech companies and sales team in such companies, where a member would hit a jackpot of a huge deal and make more money compared to the other team members OR a classmate who bagged a huge offer from one of the tech giants in the world, who didn’t even deserve it. This is inequality. Built on by luck and being at the right place at the right time. This inequality is due to the growing economic/money condition of the populace, aspiring for more. This inequality, even if it’s not fair to everyone, is good. Good for the country.

But what is this all growing of the economy, growing professionally. Collecting degrees after degrees (very much needed to grow professionally), lead the Indian middle class to?

- A state of misery and delayed marriage and a delayed production of the next generation.

Not to forget, the biological clock for women is ticking. And we do not want the next generation of humans coming into the planet, in a distorted or would have had different entries causing pain and emotional energy drain to the family members involved.

So Indian middle class, if you’re listening. Go after your degrees, your high pay cheques (okay there are no cheques today, only online transfer). Okay, high online salary transfers and be ahead in searching for the high potential, higher trade mate.

“We don’t have to sacrifice a strong economy for a healthier environment”

- Dennis Weaver, American Actor who made billions.

Higher wage doesn’t necessarily mean to prospering healthier environment, but we cannot do anything without a strong economy a.k.a stronger trade, competitive salaries.

And for all the middle class, aspiring for a higher trade, because your country is growing at 7–8%, remember –

“No one has made a fortune for themselves working in a job”

- Warren Buffet

Warren is right! If you want to run after a fortune, you can and must too. But then I wonder why the family system of US (STATES as the southies call it) is so distorted. Was it because the populace ran after a fortune and never gave a heed to emotional, familial need of a human!

I sit in this buzzing Delhi airport, amidst the noise of the growing Indian middle class. And I just wonder what the best approach to follow? Not to compromise on high ‘online salary transfer’ growth, to a better family system.

Then the Marwari concept of business/trade and family flushed my head. Anand Piramal, you beauty.

“Socialism at home and capitalism at work”

-Anand Piramal, The Piramal Group.



Srikanth Prabhu